The Frank Erwin Center is a large indoor arena known all across North America as one of the best multi-purpose venues for witnessing all kinds of entertainment. Located on the campus of University of Texas, this impressive venue plays hosts to some of the greatest live Music performances as well as the latest and most exciting Sports events in the country.

Frank Erwin Center brings superstar names time and time again to it’s stage and has previously captivated crowds from the likes of; David Bowie, Ariana Grande, KISS, U2, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Rod Stewart, Guns N’ Roses, Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and more!

As well as sold out concert shows, Frank Erwin Center also provides a premier venue for Sports and is often host to Basketball games and UFC… all of which keep fans on the edge of their seat caught right in the live action. With it’s unbelievable capacity of 16,734 and a full rounded seating experience, it’s no wonder that the Frank Erwin Center has become the number one venue to visit in Texas.

If you’re looking for the highest quality entertainment then look no further than the Frank Erwin Center and grab your tickets for your next must-see event right here…

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The Frank Erwin Center has plenty of options when it comes to selecting your seating for a concert or sports experience. Many event goers will find that they might have a hard time choosing as the seating at Frank Erwin Center is perfectly laid out to surround the performers or teams and provides a 360 degree view around the stage or basketball floor.

For Basketball and other sports games, Frank Erwin is transformed to accommodate a total of 16,540 in the crowd and creates an even larger seating accommodation for concerts of up to 17,900. This two level arena of the lower areas and upper mezzanine gives fans the opportunity to decide for themselves just how close they would like to be to the action.

For sports events, many fans opt for the option to be as close as possible to the benches at Frank Erwin Center so that they can have the very best views as the players go head to head. The upper Mezzanine creates an exciting atmosphere as fans can feel like they are in the heart of the crowd and witness the music echoing around the arena throughout the live concert events.

Whatever seating you choose for your upcoming visit to the Frank Erwin Center, there’s one thing that can be sure and that is that you won’t be disappointed! Get ready for the time of your life and to create memories to last a lifetime.

VIP Suite Tickets

The Frank Erwin Center has gone to town to make fans feel like a VIP for the evening with the VIP suites that are available to book along side of event tickets.

The VIP treatment at Frank Erwin Center are nothing like you may of experienced at other venues as not only do you gain access to your very own suite to enjoy for the evening, you can also catch all of the greatest live entertainment from the comfort of your own space. Fitted with luxurious furnishings so that you can be as comfortable as possible and of course finished with your own desired amenities.
The suites are not only available for concerts but also can be used for a long-term during a basketball game taking place.
There is a limited amount of suites that will be available on each single event so it is encouraged to book early.

If you decide to make the most of your night at the Frank Erwin Center and book one of the single event suites, you will receive many perks from 12-14 event tickets included, four parking passes and an amazing food and beverage allowance to use during your visit. The Frank Erwin Center aims to provide the very best service and it’s accommodating staff will be close by at all times – so just ask if you need anything whilst enjoying your experience in one of Frank Erwin’s impeccable suites.

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Low prices & low fees

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Last-minute downloadable tickets

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Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

With so many incredible reasons to book with Ticket Squeeze, you may think it couldn’t get any better but you would be wrong as not only does Ticket Squeeze provide low cost tickets, you can also feel secure in case there is a cancelation.
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If an event has been rescheduled, just keep hold of your original ticket booking which will still be valid for the rescheduled date.

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