WWE: Raw at Frank Erwin Center

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Frank Erwin Center | Austin, Texas

The most unforgettable event is coming to a venue near YOU! Are you ready?!
On stage will be WWE: Raw – The one and the only! With a LIVE performance at Frank Erwin Center in Austin on Monday 3rd June 2019. See first hand why WWE: Raw is among the most popular live music events of 2019. unforgettable showmanship in every performance, authentic raw talent and real face-to-face LIVE entertainment – WWE: Raw is reviewed as one of the biggest live performers you could see today. Don't spend your Monday at home, get some friends and get yourself to Frank Erwin Center for an ultimate night out with WWE: Raw!

WWE: Raw at Frank Erwin Center

WWE: Raw always produces an unparalleled level power and raw musical artistry at every one of their live music shows. After many requests they are finally coming down Austin much to the glee of eager fans. A much needed show to liven up your Monday plans. The Frank Erwin Center is waiting to open up its doors this June and receive the hordes of fans all scrambling to see WWE: Raw LIVE. It's always recommended arriving up to 30 minutes early to allow sufficient time to get a beverage before the event and locate your seats. All previous events have had the audience screaming "ENCORE! ENCORE!". Try not to delay getting your ticket as before you know it – they will be sold out!

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