Fleetwood Mac at Frank Erwin Center

Fleetwood Mac Tickets

Frank Erwin Center | Austin, Texas

It’s a dream come true for Fleetwood Mac fans as they come to perform an unstoppable show at Frank Erwin Center – make the most of this incredible experience by booking tickets for the Saturday 9th February 2019! This has to be one of the most unmissable events of the entire year, so be sure to book well in advance and secure your tickets so that you can say you were a part of it! On sale right NOW!

Fleetwood Mac at Frank Erwin Center

The legendary Fleetwood Mac need no introduction as one of the biggest names in music.

With their oustanding songs they paved the way for so many other artists, inspiring them with their solid sound. They have gained a lot of critical success throughtout the years and of course a wide fan base along the way that has suck beside them and will forever more. These guys are the real deal as one of the worlds best selling bands of all time. And they're not short of records, with a whopping total of 100 million sales worldwide. The Rock and Roll king and queens, Fleetwood Mac established themselves during the mid 1970's, spending time in the LA scenes that helped to shape their sound towards the famous Folk/Rock genre that they have so clearly defined.

Their biggest album to date is none other than the massive triumph, Rumours, released in 1977, with this hit they reached number 1 status and stayed there for an amazing 31 weeks! In total the record has had 40 million sales across the planet and became their eighth highest selling debut to date.

The long standing members have become successful stars in their own right, particuarly their female songwriter and vocalist, Stevie Nicks, who is so widely known for her distinctive tone and performance techniques, along with her incredible fashion style. Adding that boho flare where-ever she goes, but at the same time her strong rock presence is there at all times.

Fleetwood Mac at Frank Erwin Center

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